Dunes, The Jabi Lake Mall, and The Silverbird Entertainment Centre… Here are the top malls in Abuja | From The Masterlist

Shut your eyes and imagine a mall- any mall. One thing you can be sure to see is a bustling crowd, several stores and various products on sale. Shopping malls are considered the epitome of a consumer society; the ultimate product of a capitalist community. A mall is also a significant attraction for sellers, buyers and sight-seers. Here’s a list of some of the largest malls in Abuja: 

  1. Dunes, Abuja: The Dunes, located in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital, is a breathtakingly beautiful complex. There are designer and world-renowned brands, serviced residences, restaurants, food halls, home and office furnishings, clothing, a pharmacy, fragrance, cosmetics, and fashion shops, among other things are present in the mall. 
  1. The Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja: The Jabi Lake Mall is located in the Jabi district of Abuja, Nigeria. The mall is the first of its kind in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, with 25000 square meters of grade-A shopping space. The establishment’s retail outlets include Shoprite, Game, and a Silverbird cinema. There is also a lakeside boardwalk and entertainment area with breathtaking views of the water.
  1. The Silverbird Entertainment Centre, Abuja: The Silverbird Entertainment Centre in Abuja, which is owned by the Silverbird company, has become a popular destination for entertainment and shopping in Abuja. It has a variety of grocery stores as well as a movie theater.
  1. Ceddi Plaza, Abuja: Ceddi Plaza Abuja is a one-stop shop in Nigeria’s thronging capital. With 55 specialty stores, such as banks, dental clinics, optical facilities, dry cleaning and laundry services, an entertainment center, and an events hall, one can get a variety of services in one location.
  1. Novare Gateway Mall, Abuja: The Novare Gateway Mall is a two-phase shopping mall construction near Lugbe on Abuja’s Airport Road. The shopping center features the most up-to-date shopping center design elements, with the aim of providing visitors with cutting-edge amenities in a user-friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  1. The Capital Hub: In addition to top leisure and family entertainment, the Capital Hub offers a wide selection of exclusive retail shops as well as several executive offices.
  1. Grand Towers Abuja Mall: Grand Towers Abuja Mall is located at Murtala Mohammed Expressway, After Mechanic Village, Gudu District, Abuja. The Grand Towers Abuja mall, which embraces green building concepts to provide a lively, easy, and healthy shopping experience, has 42 shops covering a retail mix of food, fashion, speciality, electronics, sports equipment, furniture, home improvement, entertainment, and banks, as well as over 350 parking bays.
  1. Grand Square Mall: Grand Square Mall is located at 270 Muhammadu Buhari Way in Abuja’s Central District. This is an ultramodern shopping centre where products of any kind are available and sold at reasonable prices. It is one of Abuja’s most popular shopping malls.

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