20 popular billboards in Kano

Think back to a time when you cruised around town, enjoying the scenery and you came upon a billboard. Now, imagine that billboard represented your company. Think about how many people saw it before you and how many will see it after you. Your company has been sold to thousands of people who might spend a split second to think about your company, and may, in turn, become potential customers.

No doubt, billboard advertising is one of the most effective methods because they are guaranteed to be seen. With billboards, there is no option to switch. Indeed, people pay more attention to billboards these days, especially when it is sleek and well lit. With these, you can target a specific demography and influence buying decisions in these communities. Here, we have listed twenty attractive billboards in Kano for you:

48-sheet – Murtala Mohammed Way (Hausa Road)

Location: by Sabon Gari Market, Kano, Nigeria. A highly commercialised area that is sure to get your message across.

48-sheet – Hadejia Road

Location: along Hadejia Road after Yankaba Market.

Unipole – Zaria Road

Location: along Kano-Zaria road, by Federal Government College, Kano.

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Unipole – Zaria Road

Location: along Kano-Zaria road opposite Nigeria Police Station, Zaria Road Division.

Unipole – Zaria Road

billboards in Kano

Location: Zaria Road By Zoo road roundabout, facing traffic from Farm Centre.

48-sheet – Hadejia Road

Location: Hadejia Road FTF GRA, By Kano State Investment and Properties LTD, Kano.

Unipole – Hadejia road

PHOTO: Billboards

Location: by Tokarawa Special School fence, FTF Hadejia (INVM)

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48-sheet – BUK Old Site

Location: BUK old site, FTF Kabuga junction, Kano.

48-sheet – Katsina Road

Location: Katsina road, by Kofar Market opposite Army Barracks, Kano.

Unipole – Katsina Road

Location: Katsina road by Bachirawa FTF City Centre.

Unipole – Katsina Road

PHOTO: Billboard Arena

Location: Along Katsina Road at Rigiya Lemu, facing Traffic from Kofar Ruwa.

Unipole – Kofar Gadon Kaya

Location: Near Kofar Gadon Kaya, along Bayero University road.

Unipole – Opposite Gidan Murtala

Location: Opposite Gidan Murtala, by Fire Service FTF State Road, Kofar Wambali.

Unipole – Airport Road

This unipole billboard is located along Airport Road by Hajj Camp Roundabout facing traffic from Ashton Road, Kano.

Rooftop – Airport Road

This rooftop billboard is located along Airport road by Mobile filing station. The strategic positioning of this advert space guarantees maximum viewing range to traffic from Sani Abacha way.

Portrait – Audu Bako Way

Location: Audu Bako way by Central Hotel Roundabout.

Rooftop – Murtala Mohammed Way

PHOTO: Billboard Arena

Location: Murtala Mohammed way by Bata building, facing Traffic To Sabon Gari Market.

Portrait – Muritala Mohammed Way

Location: Muritala Mohammed way, along Sabon Gari market, Kano.

48-sheet – Secretariat Road

billboards in Kano

Location: Secretariat Road Kano.

48-sheet – Ibo Road

billboards in Kano

Location: Ibo road by Emir Road Junction.

Did we miss any other billboards in Kano? Please use the comment section.


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