Where to get the cheapest outfits in Lagos

Lagos is undoubtedly Nigeria’s home to EVERYTHING. What isn’t in Lagos? From being crowned Nigeria’s Silicon Valley, to being trendsetters in pop culture, it is no kidding why it’s tagged as Nigeria’s Center of Excellence. The fashion space in Lagos is equally booming as the tech and finance space which the city is wildly known for. And in Lagos, while the demand to look good, chic and exquisite comes with a price, it is really not a complicated task to find quality outfits – and for a good price. This list explores a few of these outfits outlets for your next shopping spree.

  1. Yaba Market: The Yaba district is stationed fairly centrally in Lagos and the Yaba Market is just at the heart of the district. Yaba Market has a number of outlets position across the market where shoppers can get new and secondhand clothes. Although the Lagos State Government has made efforts to eject traders and rehabilitate most of the area, Yaba Market remains one of the go to places for the cheapest outfits in Lagos. Just in Yaba, there’s the Tejuosho Ultra-Modern Market where shoppers can equally get cheap clothings and accessories.
  2. Balogun Market: If you are looking to buy cheap shoes, fabrics, and already-made outfits, Balogun Market is the place to go. Spreading across several streets in Lagos Island and in the location, Balogun Market, like Yaba Market have no particular address. However, there are a lot of stores and outlets that one can get cheap and classy outfits.
  3. Aswani Market: Aswani Market, also refered to as Tuesday Market, is another market in Lagos where one can get cheap outfits. The main operation days for the traders in Aswani Market is Tuesday and if you are on a budget and need to get something nice, you might want to keep a date with Aswani Market traders. The market is home to high-end secondhand clothings and yes, you can get stuff for as low as N500.
  4. Oshodi Market: This is probably one of the places where you can find anything you are looking for. Once a disorganised market area and bus terminal, Oshodi is now home to a number of well-arranged outlets where shoppers can buy things at a very affordable price. One beautiful thing about the location is how it is easily accessible from any part of Lagos.
  5. Katangua Market: Kantangua is a very popular market in Lagos. It is home to original designers clothes at very cheap prices. Katangua Market has three ‘hot’ days where new arrivals popularly known as Bails are available, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The market is always crowded on these days so it’s best to prepare for the hustle of getting there early and contesting your choice with other shoppers.

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  • Adekunle Oladele
    July 16, 2021 at 6:39 pm

    Except you do not desire any product or service, that is when one can say such items or services are not available in Lagos. The moment your desires are backed with effective demand, believe me, somewhere in the city, your demand will be met.

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