Top 5 shopping malls in South-East, Nigeria

Shopping malls are considered the epitome of a consumer society; the ultimate product of a capitalist community. A mall is also a significant attraction for sellers, buyers, brands and marketers. Here’s a list of some of the largest malls in South-East, Nigeria: 

  1. Polo Park Mall: Polo Park Mall is a modern shopping mall located in Enugu. The shopping mall was the first in Enugu State to be recognised as a “first world-class shopping mall”, and is among a few in the country to have the distinction. The mall was opened by the Persianas Group and the Enugu State Government on September 15, 2011.
  1. Enugu Mall:  The Enugu Mall is located on Npokiti Road, Enugu, Nigeria. The mall offers customers grade-A shopping space. Retail outlets like Shoprite and SPAR are present in the establishment.
  1. Owerri Mall: The Owerri Mall, which is located on Egbu Road in Owerri, was completed in March 2016. Residents have access to a high-quality shopping experience as well as local, national, and international companies and brands at the mall.
  1. Abia Mall: The Abia shopping mall is situated in Umuahia’s Garki axis and has become a household name not only in Umuahia but also in several surrounding towns in Nigeria’s Abia province. Shoprite, Kilimanjaro eatery, and a slew of other well-known brands are all represented in the Abia shopping centre.
  1. Onitsha Mall: In 2014, the Anambra State Government developed and constructed the Onitsha Mall. This is Onitsha’s biggest formal retail shopping centre, as well as one of Nigeria’s most popular malls. The mall first opened its doors in April 2016, with Shoprite as its anchor tenant and other line stores catering to apparel, home decor, hairdressing and beauty, finance, telecommunications, and speciality stores.

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