Top 5 shopping centres in South-South, Nigeria

Top 5 shopping centres in South-South, Nigeria

Shut your eyes and imagine a mall- any mall. One thing you can be sure to see is a bustling crowd, several stores and various products on sale. Shopping malls are considered the epitome of a consumer society; the ultimate product of a capitalist community. A mall is also a significant attraction for sellers, buyers, brands and marketers. Here’s a list of some of the largest malls in South-South, Nigeria: 

  1. Tinapa Shopping Centre: The Tinapa Shopping Centre, located near Calabar and operated by the Tinapa Business Resort Limited, is Nigeria’s largest mall. The mall was constructed as a tourist attraction to draw more visitors to the Cross River State. Hundreds of people have been employed as a result of the establishment, and Calabar residents now have access to high-quality retail outlets.
  1. Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre: In the state of Akwa Ibom, the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre is a planned modern class leisure and business resort. The Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre comprises a 14-story five-star hotel with over 200 suites, a three-hectare amusement park, a shopping mall, a 5000-seat conference center, and an active cinema run by Silverbird Cinemas. Except for the shopping center and cinema, which are completely constructed and operational as of today, the majority of the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre is still under construction.
  1. Calabar Mall: Calabar Mall is situated on Mary Slessor Avenue in Calabar, Cross River, across from the Cultural Centre. The mall (17000 sq mtr built-up area) took 36 months to complete from concept to completion and handover. It is one of Calabar’s largest shopping malls, with a diverse range of stores and items.
  1. Port Harcourt City Mall: This shopping center is one of Port Harcourt’s newest attractions. Like other large urban centers, the shopping center has a variety of retail outlets and items for sale.
  1. Delta Mall: The Delta Mall in Warri is the city’s first regional shopping center (Delta State). The store includes a level of shopping and family-friendly activities in the city that has never been seen before in the region. The mall also has a full backup power system to ensure that customers’ shopping experiences are never disrupted.

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