The best livestock markets in South-West Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the largest livestock-raising countries in West Africa with millions of its citizens depending on the meat industry as a source of livelihood. With the country’s cattle herds estimated at over 16 million per head, Nigeria is by far the leading livestock producer in Central and West Africa. Due to the increasing demands of consumers for meat, various livestock markets have, over time, been established across the country. 

Here are the top livestock markets in South-West Nigeria:

  1. Kara Market, Lagos: The Kara Market is a community of cattle markets located under the Lagos-Ibadan expressway bridge. With many merchants and livestock present, Kara is the number one spot to buy cows in Lagos. The age-long Kara Market is primarily run by Northern Hausa and Fulani merchants.
  1. Onyingbo Market, Lagos: In Yaba axis, Lagos, the thriving Onyingbo Market is present. This market has a sister market at Iddo, and they are responsible for the peculiar traffic jams in the area of Onyingbo. There are various commodities on this market, mainly food and livestock, sold at cheap rates. Not as low cost as goods sold on the Ketu Market, however, but still quite affordable.
  1. Bodija Market, Oyo: Bodija market is located in Oyo State, Nigeria, in the Ibadan North Local Government District. The University of Ibadan is about one kilometre from the State Government Secretariat, which is also about one kilometre away. It is the primary receiver and dealer of cattle transported from various northern states to the Ibadan metropolis and parts of the Yoruba south-west.
  1. Oluode Market, Osun: Oluode is a place where you can get kitchen supplies for your entire household at a reasonable price, regardless of your income level. It’s also an excellent location for purchasing fresh livestock.
  1. Oko Oba Cattle Market, Lagos: It is a large cattle market, one of the biggest in the state. However, the market is quite rowdy, messy and not properly organised. 
  1. Moniya Market, Oyo: Moniya Market is a market where you can buy large quantities of live cows and goats. Despite being congested for most of the time, it offers a diverse range of opportunities for people to engage in shopping and other purchasing and selling events.
  1. Odo Eran Market, Lagos: It’s a make-shift market with no predictability. The position is in a valley near the road, making vehicle access difficult. Beef, goat meat, vegetables, and fruits are among the products for sale. There are also some provisions available.
  1. Kuto Market, Ogun: Kuto Market is one of Abeokuta’s most common markets. It runs on a regular basis, with higher trading activity every five days. Traders from all over the world come to the Kuto market every day with their different wares. On such days, traffic is often heavy. If you make it to the market on such a day, however, you are likely to find practically anything you want at a reasonable price. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, assorted food items, kitchen wares, clothes, plastics, livestock, and many other items are readily available. 
  1. Gbonagun Market, Ogun: It’s a neighbourhood market where you can buy both raw and processed foods. It also has an abattoir where cows are butchered and slaughtered on a regular basis.
  1. Mowe Main Market, Lagos: Mowe Main Market sells household goods, electrical and electronic goods, cell phones and devices, textiles, construction materials, and other allied goods. There are also auto parts stores nearby. There is also livestock produce available.

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