The best flea markets to visit in Kaduna

In Nigeria, there are thousands of markets, some of which are well-known for specific products. The Alaba International Market and the Wudil Cattle Market, for example, are well-known for electronics and livestock, respectively. Some markets in Nigeria are known for clothing, especially second-hand clothing. Here’s our curated list of flea markets in Kaduna:

  1. Kasuwar Barci Market: The Kasuwar Barci Market is located in Tudun Wada, in the heart of Kaduna metropolis. Hundreds of people troop into the market daily, a favourite amongst residents. Various items can be found for sale at the market; from grains, furniture, rugs to mattresses. Notably, one of the biggest attractions of this market are the clothes available for sale. Students are known to pour into the market to get quality used clothes. Kasuwar Barci has since become the hub of secondhand clothing in the region.
  1. Tudun Wada Market:  Traders of various commodities, second-hand clothes, and herbal products can be found at the Tudun Wada Market. The market also doubles as cattle market; dealers, suppliers and consumers troop to the market to trade in beef. It’s a well-known market best for used second-hand clothes popularly known as “Gwanjo”. It caters to all categories of people- the lower class, the middle class and the rich.
  1. Kasuwan Magani Market: The Kasuwan Magani Market is was recently renovated into an Ultra-Modern Market. The market was reopened and finished up in the last quarter of 2020, possessing up to 2,024 shops, including lock-up shops, open stalls, meat dressing slabs, abattoir and warehouses and 398 car parking spaces. Facilities at the market include a police post, clinic, banking hall, fire service area, electricity and clean water supply. 
  1. Kaduna Central Market: The Kaduna Central Market is one of the major markets in the state. The market opens up from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm daily. After the closure of markets, traders are required to return to their respective residences; and are not to trade on the sidelines of the market. A variety of goods can be found at the market; including foodstuffs, clothes, provisions and other amenities. 
  1. The New Panteka Market: The New Panteka market has varying sections and similarities with the Old Panteka market. Both markets are enormous employers of labour. However, the New Panteka market has concentrated sales of auto motor and motorcycle spare parts. Design materials, interior decor and household materials are some of the goods you would find at the market. The market also boasts of a section dedicated to clothes and textiles.


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