7 secondary schools in Ogun to market your brand

Marketing campaigns surely make companies memorable. But, before it gets to that stage in the audience’s subconscious, the presentation of the message and the venue are priorities – and secondary schools are good for this reason. 

With secondary schools, there’s another “catch:” Many times the person who will use the product isn’t going to be the one buying it. And, while your two main audiences for school products are typically teachers and administrators, it may be that your product targets a different user group altogether: the students. This means your product or service needs to not only be appealing to administrators, but also to teachers and students. Quite a challenge!

So, if the presentation and the message resonate with them, any brand can open the pockets of this group. There is also the possibility of brand loyalty that may last a long time, considering the students in secondary schools are teenagers. 

Marketing to secondary schools can be tricky. But if you get it right, it’s a smart business move. This is why we listed these secondary schools in Ogun.

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Secondary schools in Ogun to market your product/service: 

  1. The Bells Comprehensive Secondary School
  2. Rainbow College
  3. Jextoban Secondary School
  4. International College Ibefun
  5. The Ambassadors College
  6. Vine Crest College
  7. Day Waterman College

The Bells Comprehensive Secondary School

Bells is founded by former president, Olusegun Obasanjo on the premise that “no child is unteachable”. That is why students come to The Bells from all over Nigeria and abroad. The name rings a bell – pun intended – and the school may have chosen the name to draw people as they now do. 

Located in Otta town, Bells practice audio-visual learning, teach different languages such as English, other Nigerian Languages, Chinese and French. They also prepare their students for both O’level and A’level exams. Bells has also had excellent graduates. 

Rainbow College

Think of Rainbow College as an institution that aims to ensure all its graduates come out in flying colours. You know, as its motto says: Learning today, Leading Tomorrow. This is what attracts the population currently learning and working in the school.  This school has a day school in Lagos with sister schools “Pampers Private School, Alaka”, “Pampers Private School, Lekki” and a boarding school in Maba town, Ogun.

Jextoban Secondary School

Jextoban is a value-driven secondary school established to develop the total personality of the child through virtues and values to excel in the global society. Jextoban has become quite popular and has been a source of joy to tap from far and beyond Ibafo, Ogun, as the school now has an annexe at Ketu, Lagos. At Jextoban school, students and staff come alongside each other with a clear shared goal of strengthening and bonding.

International College Ibefun

International College Ibefun is a model co-educational boarding institution established with the approval of the Ogun Government to promote high academic standards, peace and unity among Nigerians and foreigners. It is located along old Ijebu-Ode/Lagos Road in Ibefun, a quiet town at the boundary of Ogun and Lagos. The College’s environment is specially designed to provide abundant opportunities for easy learning, genuine practical work, regular physical exercises and sports.

The Ambassadors College

The history of The Ambassadors Schools dates back to September 1998. The school started as candlelight and has grown into a flame that has produced scholastic giants who can fit into any field of endeavour in the world. It is the schools’ reputation that speaks for it. The Ambassadors College is poised to create a positive atmosphere for learning; crafting students to become pathfinders, inventors and problem-solvers in our changing world. It is located at Igberen Road, Opposite MAN Building, off Idiroko Road, Oja Ota bus stop, Ota. 

Vine Crest College

Vine Crest College has a message: We would love to meet you. So, don’t sleep on this one. You will find them at Liyan Estate Road, off Iperu-Ode Remo road, Iperu-Remo, Ogun. Vine Crest College is a co-educational boarding school borne out of a heartfelt desire to give children: a rich foundation for critical thinking; broad exposure to innovation and technology and a competitive edge in the choice of tertiary institutions to attend.

Day Waterman College

‘High performance’ is top of mind at Day Waterman. The school embeds the HPL philosophy throughout the school, and tell students everything is achievable as long as smart work is done towards the goal. It is located along the Abeokuta-Sagamu expressway. The Principal, Duncan Gowen says “It is a place where the small class sizes enable all students to thrive; a place where honesty, integrity and consideration of others is highly valued.”


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