5 most popular radio stations in Ibadan

The general idea is that radio helps in community building. This is no doubt true when you consider that radio stations are probably the only media form that reaches even the remotest of places – that is if there is no internet there. 

Radio broadcasts provide real-time information – because it is the easiest to use, and some that broadcast 24-hours a day can provide the most recent updates to listeners. Radio has the ability to reach across borders and can become a valuable source of information where reliable news is scarce.

Radio has become a way of broadening one’s personal world. You could link to the rest of the world through entertainment broadcasts, news broadcasts, lifestyle stories, and so on, almost instantaneously. It is everyone’s friend.

See radio stations in Ibadan:

  1. Splash FM
  2. Amuludun 99.1 FM
  3. Premier FM 93.5
  4. The Beat 97.9 FM
  5. Agidigbo 88.7 FM

Splash 105.5 FM

Splash 105.5 FM, Ibadan is a Nigerian radio station, based in Ibadan, Oyo. The station offers regular updates on international news, local news, music, interviews, business news, sport, and events. The station was founded by Chief Adebayo Muritala Akande the “Agbaakin Olubadan of Ibadan Land” and was officially commissioned on 22 March 2007, by the then executive Governor of Oyo State Alhaji Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja.

Amuludun 99.1 FM

Amuludun 99.1 FM, located at Moniya Ibadan was established on October 10, 2007, and commenced transmission in pure and undiluted Yoruba language on October 22, 2007, Amuludun FM. It  has the appellation “O Tawny” meaning “Stand Out”. Amuludun FM Station has a bandwidth of 99.1MHz in the frequency modulated band.  The coverage area is Ibadan metropolis and environs.

Premier FM 93.5

Premier 93.5 FM that goes by the appellation “Your Dependable Companion” was commissioned by the late first lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Stella Obasanjo on October 30, 2001. Premier 93.5FM has the mandate to serve her immediate environment through programmes that educate, inform and entertain people at the grassroots.

The Beat 97.9 FM

The Beat 97.9 FM is a broadcast radio station from Ibadan, providing entertainment news, topical news, traffic, sports and weather information programmes.

Agidigbo 88.7 FM

Agidigbo 88.7 FM is Nigeria’s foremost news, current affairs and lifestyle radio station amplifying the people’s voice. We are The People’s Voice! Agidigbo 88.7 is Nigeria’s foremost commercial radio station blending ethical broadcast journalism with widespread appeal.


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