ISWIS, Tea with Tay, #WithChude, and other Nigerian podcasts you should know

As of April 2021, data on Spotify shows Nigeria has over 2.9 million podcast titles available to Spotify listeners in the country. Even earlier, in 2020, it was reported that Apple Podcasts is home to more than 500,000 podcasts covering topics across many fields, and racking up new listeners by the minute. 

From podcasts like longtime regulars Loose Talk, I Said What I Said, to pop culture favourites Submarine and A Roach, F&S Uncensored, to relative newcomers like #WithChude, How Far by Mr Eazi & Temi Otedola, and the fourth space, podcasts are growing daily and getting the acceptance of many.

To be considered a success, podcasts need loyal following and constant engagement by its community, therefore many of these podcasts always have to come with their A-game — high quality audio and video, top quality guests, interesting topics, and many more.

For brands that desire to be seen as youthful, innovative, and forward-looking, this is the best time to associate with a podcast that best fits their ethos and narrative with a view to capturing the attention of audiences who listen to these podcasts.

Below are 10 Nigerian podcasts you should keep an eye on: 

1. So Nigerian

2. #WithChude

3. The Africalypso Podcast

4. Rants of a Nigerian Youth

5. I Said What I Said

6. The Ranting Atheist

7. Tea With Tay

8. Road to 30

9. F & S Uncensored

10. Submarine & A Roach

So Nigerian 

So Nigerian which is hosted by Dami Aros, talks about relatable content to an average Nigerian youth varying from lifestyle, comedy, guy and girl code, dos and don’ts, bants, unpopular opinions, morals and trends. So Nigerian has picked on social issues including mental health, and it has episodes on the Nigerian music industry, Nigerians in diaspora and so on. 


#WithChude highlights social issues and raises social consciousness. Its host, media personality, Chude Jideonwo, focuses on narratives that enable and strengthen the mind, heart, and spirit. #WithChude has been at the frontline of movements around sexual abuse, depression, divorce, HIV/AIDs, shame amongst other issues, and continues to break new ground – unsettling establishments, holding space for the less powerful, and resetting society’s attitudes on diversity, inclusiveness, and acceptance.

The Africalypso Podcast

The Africalypso podcast is hosted by MatildaHadiza and Imanma. It is a Nigerian society and culture podcast. The podcasts discusses social issues, history, politics, finances, some good ol’ banter and so much more. You will see episodes on COVID-19 and its variants, celebrating Christmas in Lagos, real estate in Nigeria, the IJGB experience and so on. 

Rants of a Nigerian Youth

This podcast is almost literally ‘rants’, which makes it interesting. Its host, Harry Otueche uses this podcast to discuss social issues including relationships, daily living, politics, his personal stories to teach lessons, the pandemic and so on. 

I Said What I Said

I Said What I Said (ISWIS) is arguably the most popular podcast in Nigeria, not just because the hosts, Jola Ayeye and Feyikemi Abudu present the issues in such interesting and relatable ways that keeps the listener all through to the end – wanting more, after. ISWIS has chats with popular figures, discusses social issues, and their experiences. ISWIS is ranked number two on Apple podcasts. 

The Ranting Atheist

What could interest Nigerians more than religion? Not too many conversations. This is what makes The Ranting Atheist attractive. Only that this time, he may be ‘stepping on toes’ and drawing ire. Its host asks questions using the Bible, contemporary issues in relation to what is obtainable in religion and so on. This podcast has hosted other atheists who have share their experiences. 

Tea With Tay

Tea With Tay is ranked number one on Apple podcasts and is a sweet gist type hosted by Taymesan. He discusses societal issues and personal experiences in a fun light-hearted and entertaining way. He hosts celebrities and guests with intriguing and exceptional stories. Either way, Taymesan gets the tea. Tea with Tay is your perfect podcast for sweet and entertaining but serious gist.

Road to 30 

This is a podcast hosted by Dolly and Isaac discussing the challenges and excitements as young people on the road to 30. It is rated 4.9 on Apple podcasts and ranked sixth. You will find episodes on sex, relationships, career, social issues and so on, all relating totheir experiences as young Nigerians.

F & S Uncensored  

F & S Uncensored is a podcast on personal experiences and opinions, as well as music and pop culture, hosted by Feyikemi Akin-Bankole and Simi Badiru available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Submarine & A Roach

Submarine & A Roach is about how 3 brave modern-day revolutionaries, Mayowa, TMT, KOJ, contribute to the advancement of the culture 1 episode at a time.


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