Connect with a young audience at these Higher Institutions in Jigawa

Higher institutions in Jigawa present different marketing teams with opportunities to improve customer loyalty among young residents and boost sales. They are usually an ever-changing consumer demography and need to be fully understood for effective brand communication. Still, they are a good point of call for new products or brand messages.

So, any Nigerian brand can run its activation at any or all of the higher institutions in Jigawa underlisted.

See higher institutions in Jigawa:

  1. Federal University, Dutse
  2. Sule Lamido University, Kafin Hausa
  3. Khadija University, Majia
  4. Jigawa State Institute of Information Technology, Kazaure
  5. National Open University Of Nigeria, Dutse

Federal University Dutse

Federal University Dutse (FUD) seeks to attract a diverse and international faculty and student body, support research and teaching on global issues, and create academic relationships with many universities and higher educational institutions in Nigeria and across the world. As a new federal government-owned institution, FUD offers a broad range of degree programs in the humanities, the natural and social sciences, and agriculture. FUD exists to cultivate learning, develop knowledge, and foster a free exchange of ideas; no wonder it boasts diversity.

Sule Lamido University, Kafin Hausa

Sule Lamido University aims to be a beacon of light to all the people of Jigawa and dedicates itself to creating better living conditions for the people. The University does this through the application of knowledge and skills generated. It also aims to produce graduates sound in character and learning, at undergraduate and graduate levels, imbued with the spirit of service and dedicated to innovative applications of knowledge to improve people’s lives within Jigawa State and beyond.

Khadija University, Majia

The proposed University owned by the Khadija Foundation is a conventional university, which is open to all races irrespective of any barrier. The proposed KHADIJA University, Majia, will meet the educational needs of many indigenous students who aspire for higher education. It will also meet the educational needs of many qualified secondary school products from Taura and other areas of the State and the neighbouring State. Khadija University has already begun offering admissions to students, so it may soon resume.

Jigawa State Institute of Information Technology, Kazaure

Jigawa established the Information Technology Institute in 2000 under the license of Informatics Academy, Singapore, to train and produce IT graduates that would reposition the State and Nigeria as a whole. The Institute provides every platform for the students to acquire innovative IT skills. Currently, JSIIT offers NBTE fully accredited National Diploma courses and flexible International Diploma courses that are Singapore based (Informatics). There is also a professional course, C-Tech, that provides cabling technology for communication industries. Since its inception, the Institute has grown to become Nigeria’s flagship IT-led Institute, known for the excellence of its IT teaching, IT training and its IT services to local, national and international organisations.

National Open University Of Nigeria, Dutse

The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN), Dutse, is located at Floor Federal Government Secretariat, Kiyawa Road, Dutse. NOUN is an equal opportunity university determined to meet the following objectives that necessitated the establishment of open and distance education in Nigeria and has a diverse range of students at the Dutse study centre.


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