Marketers should consider these 5 hangout spots in Ogun for their campaigns

There are many ways of promoting your brand to your intended audience, and hangout spots in Ogun allow you to create brand loyalty and attract an audience outside your purview.

The hangout experience has, indeed, changed, and people usually want an ultimate experience, with stories they can go home with. These hangout spots in Ogun give that ultimate experience, and with a good marketing strategy, you can meet your target where they have fun. 

  1. Olumo Rock
  2. June 12 Cultural Centre 
  3. Yemoji Natural Swimming Pool
  4. Saam Health Farm and Holiday Resort
  5. Ebute Oni Tourist Beach Resort

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Olumo Rock

Olumo is quite a popular place, and its history endears people from within and outside Nigeria. It is regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Located in Abeokuta (Under the rock), the rock is reminiscent of how the sons and daughters of Egba land used this great rock as a fortress during the inter-tribal wars of the 19th century. Olumo has an art shop, an eatery, tour guides and is managed by the state government. It has a lift for those who cannot climb the rock. 

June 12 Cultural Centre

Located in Kuto, June 12 Cultural Centre was built in remembrance of the activities that took place during the political elections of June 12, 1993. It houses a convention centre, a swimming pool, an amusement park and a cinema for viewing movies. Also, the annual week-long Ake Books and Art Festival organised by the Book Buzz Foundation is hosted at the June 12 Cultural Centre. The State Government has also commissioned A Hall Of Fame Art Gallery at the centre. 

Yemoji Natural Swimming Pool

Yemoji Natural Swimming Pool, Imagbon, located on Kilometre 6, Ijebu Ode- Epe Road is an exciting spot hosting tourists all over the country because it is a naturally built swimming pool, and its water has a therapeutic and medicinal impact on the body. Yemoji natural swimming pool was established in 1937 by the colonial masters after a war that took place in 1894. The river has its source for 20km away, and is navigable all the way to Lagos. 

Saam Health Farm and Holiday Resort

Saam Health Farm and Holiday Resort is a health resort and holiday farm where anyone could go for relaxation and a perfect sight. It is situated at Ajitele town along Idi-Iroko road. Here you can enjoy swimming activities and fishing as well as boating in the local river.

Ebute Oni Tourist Beach Resort

The Ebute Oni Tourist Beach Resort is a waterfront in Oni which is located in an Ijebu waterside. This place was discovered by some fishermen a long time ago, before it was finally redesigned into a resort for tourists and native visitors. The resort has different chalets that can accommodate numerous guests which tourists can lodge and have a nice time around the place.


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