7 best Facebook groups to advertise in Nigeria

As a marketer, you are indeed looking to expand your brands’ tentacles. You are looking to share your brands’ message as far and wide as possible. Guess what? We found Facebook groups to market your business online.

Facebook groups can be an excellent tool for promoting your business and listing what you have to sell. You only have to identify the page that resonates with your brand, organise your message appropriately, and you are on the way to selling!

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See Facebook groups:

  1. Loving Living in Lagos
  2. Open Market Nigeria
  3. Online Market Services
  4. Highly Engaged Free Advertisement Group
  5. Nigeria Online Business Arena (NOBA)
  6. Open Market Africa
  7. JustSell Marketplace

Loving Living in Lagos

Loving Living in Lagos has over 40,000 members. It is a page for buying and selling and is open to anyone who wishes to sell anything. Just drop an image, your message, and your communication with your target audience may begin right away. It is a free page, and you may not need to spend anything to communicate there.

Open Market Nigeria

Open Market Nigeria is a platform for adverts placements. It also gives brands an opportunity to network, ultimately allowing products and services to be sold. It has over 199,000 members and is regarded safe. It is primarily for retail selling, but who says you can expand your reach?

Online Market Services

Online Market Services has over 46,000 members and is solely for buying and selling (legal) goods and services. It is mostly for retail goods but is open to all who wish to buy and sell. It is a great opportunity to meet shopaholics at their favourite place.

Highly Engaged Free Advertisement Group

Highly Engaged Free Advertisement Group has over 45,000 members and is a marketplace for advertisers. So, if you have a new product or a service and would like to show the world what it is about, use this page. The only restriction is ‘one advert per day’. As a result, this page has a high engagement rate and will definitely spread your message.

Nigeria Online Business Arena (NOBA)

Nigeria Online Business Arena (NOBA) is a platform for brands in Nigeria to advertise and form a communication channel with potential customers. It is also where buyers and sellers meet, and the page has over 37,000 members.

Open Market Africa

Open Market Africa offers free and tailored advertising placement, business networking, and a marketing hub for corporate and individual businesses to connect globally. It has over 147,000 members and gives retailers opportunities to sell their products and services.

JustSell Marketplace

JustSell has over 64,000 members and is a free platform for anyone to post their products/services, and connect with other businesses. Its followers keep increasing, and it has a high engagement rate.


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