Channels TV, Arise News, and AIT… Here are the 5 most prominent political TV stations in Nigeria | From The Masterlist

The media plays a significant role in politics; serving as gatekeepers and checks and balances. There are notable political TV stations in Nigeria that are known to provide timely political content and analysis. Here is our curated list: 

  1. Channels TV: For every Nigerian, Channels TV is most likely the station that comes to mind when they think politics. The station’s programming is littered with popular, insightful political shows.  Sunrise Daily, Sunday Politics and Politics Today are some of Nigeria’s most prominent political programs and are featured on this station. 
  1. Arise News: Arise news was particularly lauded recently over its coverage of the EndSARS protests. The station had braved obstacles to bring Nigerians the full, undiluted story. The station is known to cover current affairs in the nation and grant interviews to prominent political figures.
  1. TVC: Known for its slogan, “First With Breaking News”, TVC prides itself in delivering timely, investigative reporting. The station has its well of political programmes that make it a go-to station amongst many Nigerians. The station is owned by former governor of Lagos State, Tinubu Ahmed, which makes many wary of the political slant in TVC’s news content. 
  1. AIT: Africa Independent Television, also known as  AIT, is a privately owned television broadcaster in Nigeria. It operates Free To Air in Nigeria as the largest privately operated terrestrial television network with stations in twenty-four out of thirty-six states in Nigeria. The station is known to be embroiled in controversy, receiving fines and suffering bans. Many have accused the station of being slanted and biased; reporting news favouring the People’s Democratic Party. 
  1. Lagos Television: Lagos Television, also known as LTV, or Lagos Weekend Television is a state-owned television station in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. The station is most often than not publishing the state’s achievements and doing a lot of the state’s public relations. As such, several of their political programs are evidently slanted. 

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