Check out 6 popular billboards in Ekiti for your brand campaign

Before billboards became a phenomenon, some city planners, experts and consumers argued that they could distract drivers and cause accidents; among many other concerns. Thanks to progressives, that was overruled.

As countries begin to reopen, marketing teams and experts are also back to leveraging billboards for their brand campaigns and product launch. To decide, marketers usually consider billboard size, visibility, popularity, location and cost. In this case, we are focusing on the most popular billboards in Ekiti:

See popular billboards in Ekiti:

  1. Unipole, opposite NYSC Secretariat

2. Unipole, Ajilosun road

3. 48 Sheet, Ado-Ekiti-Ikere-Ado road

4. 48 Sheet, opposite Fayose Market

5. 48 Sheet, opposite Eureka Grammar School

6. 48 Sheet, by Bawa Housing

Unipole, opposite NYSC Secretariat

This Unipole billboard is located along popular Iyin road, opposite NYSC Secretariat facing traffic to Fajuyi Roundabout. It’s audience are traders, young working class individuals and residents in the area.

Unipole, Ajilosun road

It is located at Ado Ekiti, along Ajilosun road by Moonlight Garden facing traffic from Ajilosun. It’s meets the eyes of hundreds of people who use the road everyday.

48 Sheet, Ado-Ekiti-Ikere-Ado road

The 48 sheet billboard is still one of the most popular sizes in the market today. This one is located at Ekiti-Ikere Ado road, by Adofure Ogunmodede facing traffic to Ado from Ikere.

48 Sheet, opposite Fayose Market

This 48 Sheet Billboard along Ado-Ikere road opposite Fayose market, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti, FTF Central Market.

48 Sheet, opposite Eureka Grammar School

Meeting hundreds of people every day, including students, working class individuals, this billboard is located at Ado Ekiti-Polytechnic road, opposite Eureka Grammar School facing traffic From the Polytechnic And the NNPC Petrol Station.

48 Sheet, by Bawa Housing

This billboard’s proximity to UNAAD makes it even more visible. It is located at Bawa Housing, Iworoko road facing traffic From Adebayo road to UNAAD.


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