9 more online platforms with a large social audience

Leveraging online platforms to spread a message about your company’s brand, products, or services to potential customers should be prioritised – anytime there is a message that needs to go out there. The objective is to reach potential customers through the channels where they spend their time reading, searching, shopping and socialising online.

The adoption of online platforms gives you the opportunity to attract, engage and convert users to customers. And, we know online platforms that also have a large social audience, see list below:


TechCabal gives you the vibe of a tech cabal – sic from everyone’s words, right? TechCabal is a pan-African publication chronicling innovation and technology developments across Africa. TechCabal provides unmatched analysis and insight into technology, startups, mobile, internet and innovation in Nigeria and on the African continent, and have become an authority in that field – more reason they have gathered a loyal following over the years spanning across Africa.

TechCabal have combined social followership of about 134,900.


TooXclusive is the site for African music and interviews with music stars, including up and coming singers. TooXclusive could be said to be on the table of who and who become stars in the music industry, and as far as loyal following goes, TooXclusive has gathered a lot. If you want to find new music, new singers, new producers, just visit the site.

TooXclusive has combined social followership of about 566,041.


TheCable is an independent online newspaper in Nigeria. Cable Newspaper was established “to deliver knowledge-driven journalism in the pursuit of Nigeria’s progress” and has done this with diligency. TheCable.ng aims to be the most respected online newspaper out of Africa and already a social following that can preach any message it puts out there.

TheCable has combined social followership of about 1,445,783.

Saraba Magazine

Saraba has emphasized the importance of publishing writers for the first time, and how by this venture such new writers may find confidence in their crafts. The Magazine has, by virtue of the worldwide web, grown in leaps, and regular contributions now pour in from the rest of the continent. The magazine has gathered quite a following around the world.

Saraba Magazine has combined social followership of about 14,864.


Oluwatosin “OloriSuperGal” Ajibade is the founder of top lifestyle and entertainment website, OloriSuperGal.com. The is considered today as one of the most reputable and popular in Nigeria and has worked with numerous clients across board.

Olorisupergal has combined social followership of about 1,012,800.


NotJustOk is regarded as the most visited website for n Nigerian hip-hop/contemporary music, videos and music content daily. NotJustOk has become a household name and has its footprints beyond Nigeria. They are known for exposing remarkable artists and their materials from the ever-growing Nigerian music industry to Nigerians around the world.

NotJustOk has combined social followership of about 2,594,000.

Linda Ikeji’s Blog

Linda Ikeji used to rule the world of gossip and gist and even now with the competition continues to boast of having monthly visitors running to tens of thousands. Linda Ikeji has a social followership and engagement levels that will surely draw people to your campaign.

Linda Ikeji’s Blog has combined social followership of about 3,329,000.

Ventures Africa

Ventures Africa is an online news platform that explores African business, policy, innovation and life. Ventures Africa produce exploratory, explanatory, conversational and inspirational content for readers. The platform desires to bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa through their stories.

Ventures Africa has combined social followership of about 176,378.

Kanyi Daily

KanyiDaily.com is your online source for breaking news, celebrity scoops and lifestyle. With the mantra, “Your Daily Dose Of Entertainment”, KanyiDaily.com offers exclusive interviews with trendsetters, actors, artists and entrepreneurs in the industry. Fans are given the opportunity to delve into the lives and artistic lives of their favourite stars.

Kanyi Daily has combined social followership of about 56,545.


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