7 online platforms with a large social audience

Leveraging online platforms to spread a message about your company’s brand, products, or services to potential customers should be prioritised – anytime there is a message that needs to go out there. The objective is to reach potential customers through the channels where they spend their time reading, searching, shopping and socialising online. 

The adoption of online platforms gives you the opportunity to attract, engage and convert users to customers. And, we know online platforms that also have a large social audience, see list below:  

Biz Watch Nigeria  

BizWatchNigeria.Ng is a sector-based online news and business intelligence portal that points you to the latest news, information and business intelligence on your business sector, at the click of a button, on a daily basis. They run special projects that offer companies, organisations and brands in different industry sectors the opportunity of maximised targeted exposure, especially within the Nigerian business circuit.  

Followership on social media: about 125,000. 


YNaija is a youth culture site that publishes pieces highlighting new cultures and spaces. If you wanted to work with a site that appeals to young people across all sectors, YNaija is reputable in this light and can take you to young Nigerians. YNaija is one of the sub-companies under RED | For Africa – a 360 media brand that specialises in storytelling and excellent service.  

Followership on social media: about 542,000.  

Complete Sports  

The Complete Sports newspaper is read by more Nigerians than anyone can determine. It is one of the most read newspapers in the country and has built a large social audience that some other platforms only hope to have. The primary focus of Complete Sports is sports news about Nigeria and the exploits of Nigerian sportsmen and women both at home and abroad, particularly the footballers. 

Followership on social media: about 592,233.  

Pulse Nigeria  

Pulse is Nigeria’s leading innovative media company, informing and engaging Nigeria’s young audience. Pulse covers live news and videos, entertainment, politics, sports, lifestyle, celebrities and, has its footprints in Ghana and Kenya.  

Followership on social media: about 7,478,200.  

Information Nigeria 

As far as informing and connecting with a large audience goes, Information Nigeria has the reach and bond. This site publishes anything from national news to global news to sports, entertainment, special reports and more. They call themselves the ‘information portal’ and rightly so, knowing how much information is contained on the site and is published every day.  

Followership on social media: about 4,341,448.  


BellaNaija is a lifestyle, entertainment and fashion website. It is composed of several brands – BellaNaija.com, BellaNaija Weddings and BellaNaija Style. The BellaNaija experience is an inspiring and informative one, and visitors leave the site with refreshing ideas on fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. BellaNaija is a “Happy Place” where “Good News, ❤, Inspiration, Music, Travel, Events & Funny Stuff,” can be read and seen.  

Followership on social media: about 4,179,000.  

PM News  

PM News is Nigeria’s most dependable newspaper based in Lagos. This online platform gets the latest Nigeria news as it breaks on Sports, Politics, Business, Entertainment and Lifestyle to readers and has built a reputation with this. Its social presence is also wide, and engagement level is high.  

Followership on social media: about 269,801.  


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