10 most popular markets in Osun, Nigeria | From The Masterlist

Nigerians enjoy buying and selling. Wherever there is a Nigerian population, there is bound to be a demand. Osun is an inland state in south-western Nigeria. With a total population of over 3 million as of 2021, there are expectedly several market places in the state. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten most notable:

  1. Ayegbaju International Market: The Osun state government and Edward consult limited, an estate developer, jointly owns the Ayegbaju international market. This ultra-modern international market is strategically situated alongside the old governor’s office, across the street from the ADOLAC International Hotel, on the Gbongan-Ibadan road in Osogbo. At the Ayegbaju international market, shops and businesses are geographically zoned and sectioned.
  1. Igbona Market: In Osogbo, the Igbona market is one of the largest food markets. Igbona market is a place where almost all foods and condiments are available, especially for South-Westerners. Due to disorganized sales points and temporary stands, it can be difficult to navigate the market.
  1. Owode Market: It’s an open market where vendors sell their wares and customers purchase them. It is located in the Osun State town of Owode-Ede. Groceries are the most popular items sold here. Farmers gather here every morning at dawn to sell their farm harvests to wholesalers. 
  1. Sasa Market: Sasa market is a market where you can easily get groceries, foodstuffs, and other products. Located off Obokun Road, by UNIOSUN road, the market place serves as a great benefit to Uniosun students who can easily access wares in the market.
  1. Otaefun Market: Ota Efun Market is a famous market in Olorunda Local Government, located between Oshogbo and Ikirun Road. The market is located next to NIPCO Petrol Station and across from a parking lot. Ota Efun market is primarily a food market with low prices. It is open every day, but there is a big market day every five days.
  1. Oluode Market: The Oluode Market is located at the center of Osogbo. The market is open for business every day. It is primarily a food market. It serves as a distribution centre for frozen foods. Many retailers come to buy fish, turkey, and chicken cartoons to sell elsewhere. 
  1. Atakumosa Market: Atakumosa Market is a central market in Ilesa town where you can buy food, clothes, household decorations, hair products, electronics, and other things. On most days, including Sundays, it is crowded.
  1. Sabo Market: Sabo Market is a market in Osogbo where Hausa residents sell their wares. Essentially, it’s a grocery market. It also has bureau de change locations.
  1. Anaye Market: Anaye market is a neighbourhood market where people can easily obtain food. The market is open and suitable for small-scale purchases and sales of local produce and groceries.
  1. Obada Market: Obada Market is a very large market. One can easily get groceries, clothes and food items from this market. It is a local market that operates every 5days interval. It is located along Gbogan – Oshogbo road. All foodstuffs can be gotten here at affordable prices.

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