Uche Elendu is a Nigerian actress, singer and entrepreneur She was described as one of the most consistent faces in the Nigerian movie industry from her debut in 2001 up until 2010 when she took a break from the Nigerian entertainment industry.. Elendu officially joined the Nigerian movie industry known commonly as Nollywood in 2001. She debuted her acting career by featuring in a movie titled Fear of the Unknown Elendu due to marriage took a long break from acting and this action eventually derailed and stagnated her career as an actress. In 2015 she secured the lead role in a movie titled Ada Mbano. This movie was the catalyst which re-ignited her acting career.Elendu in an interview with The Sun discussed her futile struggles to return to the Nollywood movie industry after returning from her acting break. She further explained the pivotal role of the movie Ada Mbano and the positive effect it had on her career. In the interview she summarized the effect of the movie on her career by saying “The movie that launched me back was Ada Mbano”

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