Dakore Egbuson-Akande is a Nigerian actress. She is an ambassador for Amnesty International, Amstel Malta and Oxfam of America. Dakore was born in Bayelsa State as the first child of her parents. She attended Corona School and Federal Government Girls' College in Lagos and Bauchi respectively. She studied mass communication at the University of Lagos but had to drop out due to incessant strikes.She is currently married with 2 children. In September 2019, Dakore appeared as a main feature in the Visual Collaborative electronic catalogue, in an issue themed Vivencias which translates to "Experiences" in Spanish. She was interviewed alongside 30 people from around the world such as Kelli Ali, Adelaide Damoah and Desdamona.In May 2020, Dakore's interview on the same Visual Collaborative platform republished in a series titled TwentyEightyFour, which was released during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, French music duo Les Nubians, Japanese Music composer Rika Muranaka and Nigerian comedian Chigul appeared in the same volume.

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