Cultural Insights

The Masterlist tracks consumer behaviour via data (from our consumer panel and culture experts) to deliver intuitive qualitative insights that cannot be discovered through quantitative research methods.

The Consumer Panel

The tool aggregates the opinions, behaviours and sentiments of 500 consumers every month (50 people across 10 groups), including culture experts to analyse both dominant and new culture trends and patterns.

The Masterlist follows consumer lifestyles, interests, trends and demographics locally and globally.

By designing and programming quantitative surveys, facilitating qualitative focus groups and in-depth interviews, and analysing digital and real-world customer experiences, we tap into the target audience’s mindset and provide the practical consumer insights brands need to make well-informed decisions.

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Consumer Insights

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Malorum temporibus vix ex.Ius ad iudico labores dissentiunt. In eruditi volumus nec,…

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